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February 2016 Income Report

Honestly, February was not a very good month in terms of passive income.

february 2016 passive income report

I spent most of my time editing music videos for my music. Work was also crazy, so I have been constantly stressed thinking about the millions of things I need to do.

I didn’t even really TOUCH passive income. I had been so busy that it almost pained me to look at kindle books. I didn’t want to make Etsy templates.

Was this all stemming from laziness? 

On the contrary, I felt like I worked pretty freakin’ hard. With music, work, and freelancing building up, I feel like I’ve been more consumed by “active” income over passive income. Because of all this, I’ve been really thinking about how leaving my job will go down. Most likely my manager will not allow my request of remote work. But I realize I should be completely okay – and happy – with this. Though I would be spending most of my earned active income while abroad, I would have a lot more time to work on my own stuff. I need to truly focus my efforts on money working for me.

February 2016 Income Report


This month, I’ve made a total of $3,300 for freelancing. This includes managing Facebook ads, consulting for a client, and doing graphic design for another client. As previously mentioned, I’m also taking on a new gig in which I’m essentially building a business from scratch with my freelancing manager. And I must admit I am really looking forward to building this project. The idea is good. And being a founder excites me…(hopefully I am considered one?!) I’ve been searching for a bigger project to work on while abroad and this could be it.

Normal Income

Still working my fulltime job so received my normal income for the month. I’m getting burnt out though.

Passive Income

Kindle Books$29.36 – I’ve dropped by over 42%. from last month. UGH! I still have 6 books on Amazon Kindle, but only 5 with ratings.  It’s comforting to know that I can still earn income from it even if I don’t touch it. However, this all makes me uneasy because the difference from January’s income is huge. It also worries me that thinking about formatting books and working on reviews is just such a turn off now. I need to make sure I stick with kindle books, but it seems like so much more work than it did before.

Etsy$5.52 – made only 1 sale from my Etsy shop. Yup, another huge drop. This is so unsettling! It makes me wonder what I should really focus on.

Total: $34.88 (less than half of last month :/)




We’ve established a partnership with Global Travel Plus – and we’ll be getting a 10% commission with any sign ups through our link as well as coverage by the company worth around $175/month for myself (and another $175/month for my friend).


OMG my Chrome just crashed and I thought I lost my entire post. SO GLAD I SAVED!

A couple of things:

  • I find myself complaining all the time.
  • I find myself sitting all the time.
  • I find myself staring at a screen all the time.
  • THIS IS ALL UNHEALTHY. I’m so ready for the nomadic life.
  • Lastly – my brother, dad, and I are planning to test out Amazon FBA before I leave for Europe. I’m really excited for this. I’ll make more posts about this later.

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