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How to Podcast (with Pat Flynn) – Traffic & Conversion Summit 2016 Notes

Pat Flynn Traffic Conversion Summit

When I found out Pat Flynn (of Smart Passive Income) was speaking, I was beyond enthused! You might already know that I am a huge fan as I’ve mentioned him in my own podcast episode. I went early to the seminar and grabbed a seat close up. Pat’s speech about podcasting was full of stories and entertainment – it was just fun listening to him talk about his journey.

Pat Flynn Traffic Conversion Summit

Here Are Some Notes on How to Podcast:

1. Overcome Your Fears

Your first few podcasting takes are going to be terrible. He showed us his first recording and I have to agree…it wasn’t his best! And when I recorded my first episode, I felt super uncomfortable and it took me over 3 hours to get it edited and finished. It is all just part of the process. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.

2. Microphone & Software Choice for Newbies

If you’re just starting out, Pat recommends the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone. The great thing about this mic is 1. it is only $57 2. it doesn’t require an audio interface as it is a USB mic 3. the quality is still great.

Pat (and I) recommend Audacity for Windows and Garage Band for Mac. These are free pieces of software to use when starting out, and you can use it to do basic functions like edit out pieces you don’t want in your episode.

3. Outsource

Pat used to do all his podcasts by himself – SPI, AskPat, and FoodTruckr (I didn’t even know he had a site called!). And of course, there just isn’t enough time in a day for one man to handle everything.

Pat hires VAs from the Phillippines to do some of his work for him. He’ll record the podcast, send it to the VAs who will edit in the intro as well as publish the podcast episode.

4. Getting Over the Hump

After a while, Pat started dreading the act of regularly creating podcasts. This reminded me of when I started dreading creating music covers. But what kept him going was the people he inspired, and Pat told a really touching story about how his podcasts changed a man’s life.

After hearing his story about getting over this hurdle, I had to speak with Pat. Right after his speech, I waited right next to the stage and was first to take a picture with him and ask a question (lol). I told him I was a Cal bear and discussed my passion for music as well as financial freedom. And I told him sometimes I feel like I’m failing myself when it comes to music while I’m spending all my time working towards financial independence. Pat told me he knows a lot of musicians who started working towards multiple income streams as well because it is just hard to do music when you’re trying to make a living. It was validating just hearing that others have done this too.

Pat Flynn Traffic Conversion Summit

Later we met up again and talked. It was super awesome! He gave me his business card and said he’s always willing to help out a fellow Cal bear :).

After Pat’s seminar, a panel of people whe create the Digital Marketer podcasts came and spoke about podcasting.

Here were my takeaways on that session:

1. Get rid of the fluff. Listen through your podcast and chop out major edits.

2. More advanced gear they recommend: 

Rode Podcaster USB Mic – $229
Logic Pro software – $200 (For Macs)
Isotope RX audio restoration software – $1200 (Honestly that price tag is kind of ridiculous – you probably don’t need this unless you’re already a pro at podcasting)

3. Add Energy & Create Mood.

4. Provide transitions & segues

5. Provide a moment to let a powerful thought sink in

This was an interesting and useful note. I tend to rush through when I’m talking. But sometimes you need to pause to make a point.

6. Provide a ‘brain break’ after a section of very technical information

7. Cover bad audio that otherwise can’t be fixed

8. Equalize voice, boost bass & treble to give a pleasing sound.

Basically when you’re editing vocals, you can boost frequencies by “EQing, and by boosting bass & treble you’ll create a warmer sound with your recordings.

9. Use a limiter on all audio tracks to make them consistent.

10. Work with a music producer to define the flavor (mood/style) of your podcast.

  • Design a palette of signature music themes to draw from.
  • If you don’t want to spend money on intros, you can go to or use built in Apple loops from within Logic.

11. For intros to your episodes – find an intro quote.  This can be a teaser or synopsis of the episode.

12. For podcast show notes create 4 sections: 

  • Title
  • Brief description
  • Benefits
  • Resources

13. Get to the point or cut off. Be direct rather than cute with your titles.

14. Skip the obvious.  (For example: “In this episode of the ___ podcast”)

15. Cross link often. Use links in your show notes.

16. When uploading the podcast:

  • Put it up on iTunes – make sure the keywords are in the title & description
  • Upload on Libsyn

17. Distribute via e-mail and social 

Do you podcast? I’d like to check it out! Comment with your links below.

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