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Introducing: The DNQ Interview Series!

I’m excited to announce that I’m launching a weekly series of interviews with influencers! My goal for this series is two-fold:

1. I want to explore all channels of making money online, and I want to go as in-depth as possible so people find the articles beneficial with actionable items. With this objective, I will be interviewing experts in specific fields. They may or may not be digital nomads, but these awesome people will teach us about each passive and active income pursuit.

2. I want to shed light on the financially independent and/or digital nomad lifestyle. I want readers to understand what the remote life is like. But I’d like to show perspectives from not only myself, but from other remote workers as well. This would allow newcomers to get a broader sense of what lies ahead. I also want to find others who can speak about retirement/financial freedom/and escaping the rat race as this blog is not only about location independence but also about financial independence!


How Did This Idea Start?

After my three-part series about making money online, I posted my articles on different Facebook groups seeking feedback. It was (thankfully) positively received. And some people wanted a more in-depth look at each channel that I discussed for making money. However I must admit that I don’t have expert knowledge on every single method. I’d rather not hop around learning how to code, web design, etc. until I’ve mastered certain income channels first. Instead of forcing myself to learn each and every method, I decided it would be more beneficial to interview influencers and experts in each field who can teach us all.

I’ve been meeting tons of people while abroad, and many of them have skills or something interesting about them that I want to learn more about. I feel I might as well report my findings for you all to learn!

What Will the Interviews Be Like?

I’m selectively looking for people who can provide value around the topics of location independent work, financial independence, and the digital nomad lifestyle (as mentioned above). Hopefully as more episodes continue, the more advanced and actionable each installment becomes.

These interviews will be provided as blog articles. In my case, I actually learn best when reading, because I tend to miss a lot of information when listening (to videos or podcasts for example). Therefore, I’m mainly going to be writing up each entry, instead of podcasting or video taping. Many of the interviews I’ve done so far have actually been in person, but many will be conducted online as well.

The first episode will start August 29 – and I’m going to attempt to post an interview every Monday!

Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal for this blog is to be able to teach any beginner who comes on my site to become a location independent and ultimately financially independent digital nomad. This interview series will be a means of achieving this objective! The DNQ Interview Series will also motivate me to keep networking and meeting new people.

I hope you’re as excited as I am. Let me know what you think in the comments below! 🙂


  1. Great idea! Looking forward to read your interviews! We are a digital nomad family. Are you planning on interviewing people who have a digital nomad lifestyle with kids? I’m always curious about how other location independent families handle life on the road 🙂

    • digitalnomadquest digitalnomadquest

      Hey! That’s a great idea, I’d definitely love to interview nomads with kids on the move. And if you’re interested in being interviewed, feel free to e-mail me at and tell me your story! 🙂 Would love to hear from you.

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