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July 2016 Progress Report

I apologize for not posting in two weeks!

July was all about growing Digital Nomad Quest and learning more about myself.

digital nomad life


I had a rough few days last month, essentially because I was focusing too much on the micro over the macro. I always preach that we should stop giving a fuck and start giving fucks about the things that matter. Truth be told it is easier said than done.

The “noise” that was affecting my emotions was getting in the way of the hustle and the overall vision. But now I’m back…and actually better than ever!

With the entrepreneurial journey and just the “life journey” itself, there will be ups and downs. Here are some of my example thoughts:

Doubt: I like to question myself with “What am I doing? I am barely seeing any progress.” I know these things take time to pursue yet I’m still wrapped up in the current state of things. The progress of a creator is exponential rather than linear. And I shouldn’t expect any sort of overnight success.

Why does it matter? Sometimes I check my bank account and calculate my expenses and income. And I constantly try to make sure my net worth is increasing perpetually. But a lot of times I will ask “Why does money matter? Who cares?” While I’ve been abroad, making more and more money seems very unnecessary for some reason. I don’t need materialism to make me happy. I mean, I’m straight up living out of a suitcase. I don’t require that much.

Again I know the bigger picture goal: financial independence, so I don’t have to worry about trading time for money. But I let micro things lose my sense of self, even when I am aware of the bigger picture.

Am I pursuing the correct path? I went to a music festival about a week ago called Untold in Cluj, Romania. I met a few inspirational musicians along the way that almost made me question if I should fully pursue music or continue with the “digital nomad quest”. But after meeting a full-time doctor by day, drummer by night, and a full-time programmer and part-time producer, I am convinced that we are all destined for different paths. Everyone is unique and certain people are fit for certain lives. For my own self, I realize the digital nomad/passive income quest is the first step in my overall vision.

Through these past few weeks I’ve also learned more about what I want in life and in a partner. I think this journey is exactly what I envisioned it to be. Living life, having fun, while working hard on my passions, and finding appreciation in things that I would have thought mundane or unfavorable in the past. I think I know what I want in the end, but I like experiencing craziness and making mistakes because I want to know the highs and the lows to appreciate what I have. Every person I encounter is a teacher, and PERSPECTIVE and TRUTH are what I crave.

Random Stuff

On July 13, I moved to Bucharest and made close friends (who will visit me in Hong Kong)! I’m super grateful that I met them. It’s like Bucharest was meant to be *____*.


Random things I’ve done/we’ve done:

  • ESCAPED the Escape Game!

breakout escape game bucharest

  • Rowed a boat


  • The ‘rents visited me again 🙂 We visited Bran Castle in Brasov.


  • Looked for Pokemon?!


  • Became fully nomad?!


Perrrrdy good month.

Digital Nomad Quest Progress


July was huge for this blog. I was sort of featured on Fast Company thanks to Arianna over at AirLink Marketing (friends from Bucharest). It grew my traffic significantly, and I started getting many more backlinks through interview and features. The great thing is I wasn’t actively seeking these opportunities. Perhaps this blog is interesting in itself that people want to follow it and talk about me! Hopefully.
You can see sitelinks for my site now when you search “digital nomad quest”!
Digital Nomad Quest
I’ve also been interviewing a ton of amazing influencers this past month. Our conversations have actually given me a lot of ideas on what my next steps are. I will start posting this DNQ weekly series soon :).


I’ve been working my ASS off on this Etsy store. I’ve currently surpassed 40 items, and my goal is 50 by end of the month, 100 by end of year. Looks like they are both doable now. It’s crazy how long it takes to create my listings, but it’s also been fulfilling looking at what I’ve created. On top of it all, my monthly sales have slowly but surely increased.

If you’d like to open your own Etsy shop, you can use my link here which gives you a free 40 listings (and provides me with 40 free listings as well).

Might as well include this. Since I’ve been investing in mining stocks based off of FiFighter’s advice, I’ve witnessed CRAZY increases. Maybe not as crazy as Jay’s, as I didn’t put in that much initial investment. But I believe I’ve seen at least 50% profits, and it’s definitely helped with expenses for my life abroad. I purchased stocks around end of 2015, and steadily added to my investments as time progressed. I seriously wish I put in more back in December of 2015!

In the past year, you can see gold price hitting highs of $1350:

Gold Price

And silver price hitting $20’s:
Silver Price
Let’s hope it keeps going up…


Bucharest has been work hard, play hard mode. Shit has been real and life has been amazing. And when I fear the journey will end soon and get sad about leaving Bucharest in a week, I realize I still have at least 9 more months of amazingness. Who knows where this quest will take me?! Let’s gooooo.

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