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March 2016 – Progress Report

I’ve decided to pause on income reports indefinitely. I’m a bit uncertain whether or not I should continue disclosing so much information! Instead I’ll do some monthly progress reports to talk about exactly what I’ve been up to. Same info, minus the exact figures.

As you know, 2 of my freelancing gigs ended this month. I will get my checks for the month, but I’ll experience a paycut once April arrives. I talked about the fear that ensued from this recent development. But ultimately, I think A) I need to figure out my passive income channels anyway so I shouldn’t worry and B) if I need it I will possibly apply for more gigs around late April or early May.


Currently I haven’t been working on new books, unfortunately, but I plan to ramp up on this ASAP.


I created 3 more templates in my store, and I’ve actually received 4 orders from the month (+3 from last month). Initially I was wondering if¬†updating the shop would increase page views. But from reviewing stats I haven’t seen a dramatic change in views. I believe, however, if I merely create more listings I will create more opportunity for my shop to be discovered. I also think that adding more listings in my shop will create a look of credibility within the shop.


Made a bit from Patreon this month.


I’ve been working more on Digital Nomad Quest. Right now I’m having a bit of difficulty figuring out if I should advertise this blog publicly to others. I think the fact that I have posted some of my income numbers makes me worry about showing this to others. I will need to brainstorm this more.

Amazon FBA!

This month, I’ve been truly working hard on researching Amazon FBA and how to pursue this channel. There are a bunch of little logistical things that this channel entails over other channels. I’m going to write more about this later.

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