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May 2017 Progress Report

Disclaimer: I don’t break down the actual amounts in my progress reports in fear of revealing too much online – my apologies! These posts are merely a way for me to track my progress.

I just came back from a quick trip in Vancouver, Canada. Most of May was spent in the Bay Area, California (back home). It’s crazy that a year of digital nomading has already come to a close! Now that I’ve settled in for over a month, it doesn’t feel that crazy. But even though I’ve come home I still consider myself location independent/a digital nomad (and hope to stay that way).

For this month, a lot of my time was spent on my spiritual and mental health as well as new entrepreneurial endeavors.


In May, I went back to Hong Kong for about a week and came back home to the bay area. Surprisingly I adjusted after 2 or 3 days. I guess it’s easier to adapt when you’re hopping around to different places month to month – it just feels like you’re traveling to a new area once again. It’s probably more of a culture shock when you’re living in one place more permanently and move back home afterwards.

I’ve decided to stay in the bay area for a few months to focus on my spiritual health, my businesses, and my relationships. I thought I would feel bored because all my friends are working full-time jobs, but it’s actually been good so far. I have more time and energy to hang out with people during lunch, after work, or during weekends. My friends even threw me a surprise welcome back party which was nice :).

friends digital nomad

Yay friends

Passive Income

To my surprise, I had earned around the same amount of passive income this month as I did last month! The reason why it surprised me is that this month, I essentially didn’t work on the platforms I’ve been making money on. Instead, I have been focusing on other things, mainly 1) a drop shipping store with my friend and 2) Buddhism studies.


Aside from answering day-to-day customer support emails, I didn’t really do any additional work on Etsy but still made around the same amount. For June, I plan to add a few listings to each of the shops to keep them updated.

If you’d like to open your own Etsy shop, you can use my link here which gives you a free 40 listings (and provides me with 40 free listings as well).


From my last month’s progress report, you can see dropshipping was just an idea in the works. Now, my friend and I have a shop set up! Creating a dropshipping store with Shopify + Oberlo has been pretty easy. We’ve just had minor difficulties that required chatting with support. But other than that, we’ve already started marketing our store.

We’ve met up a few times and just had weekend work sessions in which we stocked our shop, did some design work on the site, and fixed specific details. We both are skilled in Photoshop and have a good eye for things I think, so it was pretty smooth sailing working together and figuring out how we wanted to lay everything out. I’ll probably make posts about the steps to dropshipping with Oberlo + Shopify, maybe after I actually make some money lol.

Still no sales yet, but I guess that will be the goal for the next few months. Our strategy will be to keep stocking our store with nice items as well as build our social media following.

drop shipping passive income


I’m making a little bit more now (still barely anything) from ads on this blog. I’ve added a few more ads to posts and found it has helped a little bit.


I’ve been outsourcing some articles for my two blogs, but I find I’m still taking a lot of time editing them which is quite frustrating.


I still haven’t finished editing the books I had received back from outsourcing writers. Most people probably don’t even edit their outsourced books but I want to make sure what I put in the store is good!

Buddhism Studies!

I went to a meetup mid-May. The lady there gave me access to an online forum that I’ve been studying off of as well as a book I purchased recently. This has been helping with my anxiety as it has been teaching me a bit more about the mentality I should have when facing my day-to-day issues.


For June I will be working more on the dropshipping store as well as…Amazon FBA! I know. I tried about a year ago and failed to get ungated. I now realize there are alternatives so I should try again. Stay tuned…

 may 2017 pinterest

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