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November 2015 Income Report

I have just gotten back from Dubai so I’m a bit late on this November 2015 income report. I’m very happy to say that November turned out great. Even if I only made a handful of sales, I received my first Amazon sales (and my first Etsy sale on the 1st of December). It was really all I needed to know that this shit works.  As you have seen from my October report I was having quite an emotional breakdown. But actually seeing the passive income was eye opening enough for me to see my dream more clearly.

Even though I’ve gotten this added motivation, I’m still worried as I only have 5 months left before I take the leap of quitting my job and living abroad. Every day, I look at my life and happily think about my life abroad, but then think about my financial struggles along the way if I don’t get my shit together. Every day, I feel like I’m just torturing myself trying to make this dream come true, while everyone is living their happy lives. Why do I have this mindset? Why can’t I be normal like everyone else? Why do I always want to live this harder road? I just don’t get my life – I’m so weird, and it stresses me out. But I can’t make myself be something I’m not.

Anyway. My goal is to make at least $1,000 of passive income per month from my endeavors before I leave. To tell you the truth, I have my own buy and hold property and am making about $500-600 passive income every month from it now. However, a lot of complications have arisen – I have been paying for many repairs, and I am being sued by my previous tenant cause of some BS. They were the worst tenants. They never paid their rent on time and we had to try and evict them cause they wouldn’t pay, but it took 6 months because they kept finding loopholes in the contract. They were literally outsmarting our shitty lawyer. Now they’re claiming they didn’t get some statement so they’re suing us – when in reality we sent it and they closed their PO box purposefully to try and get more money from us. They are detecting that I’m too scared to go to court so I’ll keep sending these agreements for them to pay me less money. It’s all hard to explain but yeah. Point is, I can’t count on the property to make me passive income. I need to have a steady flow of passive income and make sure I have freelancing jobs in case as well. And lastly, I’m still trying to create this marketing agency with my friend so that I can get jobs from it.

November 2015 Income Report

I’ve made a total of $2300 this month for freelancing. This includes managing Facebook ads and consulting for a client and doing graphic design for another client.

Normal Income

Still working my fulltime job so received my normal income for the month.

Passive Income

-Gained $55 from Patreon earnings (not passive income though).
$14 from Amazon sales! Haha so little, but it’s a good sign. Just need to make…perhaps 100 books…lol jkbutnotreally. I really hope that making kindle books under a pen name isn’t what I do fulltime. It feels weird doing it. I still spend a crapload of time on writing them because I want to create books that people actually find helpful. I hope that after I figure this stuff out, I can start writing books about the digital nomad quest under my real name so that others who are similar to me can benefit from them.

Total: $69


-Today I get to talk about this, because I was able to get sponsored for some activities we did in Dubai! Essentially, you could say I made $120 from our travel blog because we saved that amount when doing our tours. Our first win for our blog!

I guess these income reports are more an outlet for me to express all my emotions along this ride. I really hope I succeed so this blog actually matters and can benefit you lol. Well, we’ll see.

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