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October 2015 Income Report

This month had a lot of ups and downs. I was starting to feel like giving up. I was so overwhelmed – work was terrible, so terrible that at a point I told myself, I need to get the FUCK out of here. This in turn made me realize, I have no way of supporting myself yet if I quit now. I haven’t made enough progress. I felt so helpless, but I came to this one realization:

It takes 10,000 hours to get good at any one thing.

This maxim has given me life. It’s lifted my spirits because it’s quantified success for me. It’s so easy to get lost when you’re trying to attain this goal that you don’t know will actually be realized. However, if we think that it requires 10,000 hours to be good at something, I have barely begun my passive income journey. 10,000 hours equates to about 3 hours a day, every day, for 10 years. We just have to keep grinding.

October 2015 Income Report

Again – freelancing has been my main side stream of income. I’ve made a total of $2600 this month for freelancing.

Normal Income

Still working my fulltime job so received my normal income for the month.

Passive Income

Just $100 for royalties for my music as well as Patreon earnings (Patreon is not very passive though)

In my next post I’m going to talk about my November ventures that have given me hope 🙂

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