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October 2016 Progress Report…$350/Month Passive Income Milestone!

I have just arrived in Hong Kong! I got to Incheon Airport in Seoul about an hour before my flight, and the person checking me in told me I was the last person and I was going to miss my flight…

After huffing and puffing my way over, I managed to catch the plane. As I arrived to my seat, it took me 5 minutes to notice that my entire row including myself was wearing red and blue plaid. I was laughing my ass off and secretly taking a picture:

blue red plaid airplane

ANYWAY. October was so, so hectic. I spent most of the month in Korea, where I was working on music with Jun of Areia Creations (here’s my YouTube music channel, btw). I also went HAM on passive income as well as my music, so much so that I started getting burnt out. Going to detail my progress below!

October 2016 Progress Report


Remember how in September I only had around 50 listings? I hit 94 Etsy listings in October, which means I made around 40 products in those 30 days. Props to myself!

And in fact, I saw great results from increasing my listing amount. I more than doubled in Etsy revenue from my previous best month.

My goal of 100 listings by end-of-year is about to be completed a month early!

Check out how to make passive income via Etsy here.

Etsy platform

If you’d like to open your own Etsy shop, you can use my link here which gives you a free 40 listings (and provides me with 40 free listings as well). 


No progress with Kindle books, unfortunately. I did earn some income from this channel but it’s always quite minimal. Lately the earnings have been less and less. I am planning to work on it more after succeeding further with Etsy!

DNQ Interview Series

I couldn’t push out episode 10 of the DNQ Interview Series in time (I had planned to push out interviews every Monday). But I have a bunch of exciting interviews on the way!


So with music, I met this KPOP remixer online. His name is Jun of Areia Creations (as I had previously mentioned). We had been aware of each other for a while because of YouTube, and he ended up contacting me via Twitter a long time ago.

I wrote a song maybe 6 years ago and sent it over to Jun who made an awesome instrumental to it, and we finalized this in the studio. I went to his studio a lot in October, working on the beat further and re-recording my vocals:

areia creations studio

We also filmed a music video:

areia creations music video

It was a great experience working with Jun because 1. it’s so easy to work with someone who’s extremely technically skilled in production 2. it was further confirmation that I need to make financial independence a reality cause I hope to have the freedom to hit up the studio for weeks at a time.


I decided to end one of my freelancing gigs. I was getting too burnt out (which I’ll describe in the next section). I guess this is a step for me, as when I read my previous progress reports I would see how much fear I had when it came to staying afloat financially. Maybe I had confidence in ending the gig also because I’m starting to see (small) results with Etsy, and it is giving me more affirmation that I can do this.


In October, I felt extremely burnt out. I think this was the first time I felt that way in 5 months of nomading. The issue was 1. the time difference and 2. the music grind. I would get up to go to the studio and work for 8 hours. Then I’d go home and work on freelancing and my own projects and sleep at 4 AM or so.

I have spent the past week or two giving myself a break. Now I am looking at how much I’m slacking and I’m ready to grind it out. I’m already finding it a lot harder to blog now that I’ve taken a slight hiatus. I see why writing is a muscle you have to develop…if you take a little step back it might be hard to regain the ability to write constantly. So I need to start developing that muscle again.


During the month I went to a nomad meetup. Got to meet Pieter Levels himself (founder of Nomad List)!

seoul digital nomad

seoul digital nomad

Visited Gyeongbokgung palace and got my Korean swag on.

Seoul Korea

Checked out the DMZ tour…which was quite haunting but awesome.

Went to a cat cafe…

Checked out the SM Town building…

And yea other crap. Okay I’m getting tired so I’m logging off but I wanted to post this today :).


october progress report digital nomad quest

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