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Amazon FBA: First Attempt Introduction (Part 1)

I’ve decided to document my first attempt with Amazon FBA in a case study. I’m really excited because I think there’s a lot of passive income potential with this route. Though I’m already a few steps in, I’m going to catch up to where I’m currently at and continue with regular posts on progress updates. This case study could either be a win or a flop – we’ll only tell by trying!

Ok, Let’s Back Up. What is Amazon FBA?

FBA is Fulfillment by Amazon. Basically with Fulfillment by Amazon, you can sell items and do so by shipping product to their warehouses. Amazon will store, pack, ship, and support any incoming orders from your buyers so you don’t have to do it yourself. You won’t have to handle practically anything when it comes to product fulfillment. In a regular online store you would ship directly to the buyer and do customer support for the product. But with Amazon FBA, you could take a very hands-off approach, working with suppliers remotely and having them move your product to warehouses, then having Amazon do the rest.

Why Are You Attempting this Amazon FBA Case Study?

This blog is about building passive income and becoming a financial independent digital nomad. You might already know that I’m planning to quit my job and leave to Europe in 2 months. Because I might worry about working with suppliers while abroad, I wanted to try it once before I left. That way I could figure out the process and see if I wanted to continue it while traveling the world.

Why Are You Blogging About This and How Much Will This Case Study/Tutorial Cost?

This case study is absolutely free!

Some Amazon FBA courses I’ve seen can go for $3,500 or more (like the Amazing Selling Machine)! But I believe this capital would be better invested in your first product(s).

I’ve never taken a paid course and have only searched online for free resources (and there are actually a lot of them). In this case study I’ll be applying the practices outlined in free resources I’ve found, and blogging about my journey. I’m blogging about this because I want you to get the inside scoop on Amazon FBA, learn from my mistakes and wins, and apply it in your own practice. I know this channel can require a significant financial investment, so for those who don’t have the capital to pursue it just yet, I’ll act as your guinea pig!

What Can I Expect from This Case Study?

Normally blog posts online tell you how to do Amazon FBA after the fact. They’ve already made tons of money through it and will provide some general guidelines on how it works.

Although it’s great and necessary to learn from an expert, there are many benefits upon reading about the adventure of somebody starting with $0 passive income and working their way up. Here is what you can expect:

  • Transparency. A lot of what I hope to do with this case study, and blog as a whole, is to inspire others with a transparent account of how I built something from nothing (which means I’ll have to hold myself accountable for my endeavors). I think blogging all of these attempts from day 1 will show how much work and emotional craziness this journey will require.
  • Understanding. Since I am currently not at the other end of the spectrum amassing $100k/month passive income, I won’t be putting in extreme initial investments that the average person won’t be able to afford. This case study is tailored to  newbies who want to test the platform to gain knowledge and hopefully succeed in the endeavor.
  • Learning. I will be writing about my progress each step of the way so you’ll be able to see exactly what I’m doing. I hope you and I both will learn a lot from this!

Keep following and I’ll explain with each new blog post all the steps I’ve been taking!



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