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My name is Sharon, and I’m a young professional from the Bay Area, California who decided to leave the corporate world and venture into a life abroad. For 4 years I found myself existing instead of living. So in May of 2016 I quit my full-time job to become a digital nomad (you can read about it here).

greece introspection

It’s safe to say that only good things have come from this new life abroad. I spent about a year preparing for the journey, as you can see from my progress reports and crazy posts about fear and other things. And the fear still comes and goes, but taking the plunge has been the best thing to happen in my life.

I’ve found myself seeing amazing sights:

Santorini Greece

Learning from new people and making new friends:

temple of poseidon

And making my own schedules:


Those are just a FEW of the many reasons why being a digital nomad has positively changed my life. Of course this life isn’t meant for everyone, but if you’re considering it or had it in the back of your mind, the best way is to learn by doing. You can read about the digital nomad life all you want, but if you don’t execute you won’t really know what it’s like. Challenges and failures are expected, but that’s what makes us grow as people!

I created this site so that I can teach others how to live a life of location independence, and ultimately, financial independence, as well.

Start Here

Here are some good articles you can read to get yourself started:

  • Why I’m a Digital Nomad – this post explains why I’m a digital nomad. See if you relate to it or not!
  • My “About” page – to learn about my experiences and my goals with the blog
  • My series on How to Make Money Online While Traveling – the main question I get is always “how do you support yourself while abroad?” There are so many ways to make money online nowadays. This series explains all the different methods of doing so.
  • DNQ Interview Series – I interview one amazing influencer a week who can teach about their expertise and/or their life as a digital nomad.
  • The Ultimate Digital Nomad Packing List – It actually took months of preparation to pack for my journey. This list was carefully crafted – so please use it for your reference!
  • How to Start a Blog – If you’re planning to build a brand or business it’s important to learn how to build a website and start a blog. Here, I outline just how to do so.

I’m extremely happy that you’ve decided to stop by this blog and embark on a new life! Please do not hesitate to contact me at I’m always happy to help. 🙂